The adventure begins with where you stay

Everyone’s heard of holiday cottages, campsites, and hotels. But what if there was another option? Somewhere cheaper than hotels, easier than camping and more flexible than a holiday cottage.

Somewhere so welcoming, it doesn’t matter if you bring your extended family for two weeks … or just yourself for a night. Somewhere where a sense of adventure and a friendly attitude is celebrated.

Scattered across the UK, lie your answer to the perfect accommodation. Hundreds of self-catering hostels and bunkhouses are just waiting to be explored.

This booking platform and The Independent Hostel guidebook are the only places where you can find all of them under one roof.

The IHUK Hostel Network

Independent Hostels UK is the glue that ties hostels and bunkhouses together. Here you can discover and book all these hidden gems in one place.

Search for your dates and dream location. Or explore this clickable map, inspirational discovery pages and long-distance trails.

IHUK takes no commission. So you can book here and be assured that everything you say and everything you pay goes to your hosts.

IHUK is serious about sustainability. See the network’s award-winning  eco credentials here.