North East Highlands: Bunkhouses, bothies & hostels

This maps of the North East Highlands of Scotland shows hostels, bunkhouses, and bothies. Part of the Independent Hostels UK network, the largest network of bunkhouses and hostels in the UK.

The hostels on this map of the North East of the Highland shows hostels and bunkhouses around Dingwall, Bonor Bridge, Cromerty Firth and further north. It covers the two northern most counties of Scotland, Caithness and Sutherland. Here there are a scattering of hostels catering for those on the Lands end to John o Groats routes and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the wilderness and mountains. With self catering facilities, drying rooms and cycle shed these hostels provide ideal accommodation for walkers and mountaineers. Sutherland contains many splendid mountains, Ben More in Assynt, Ben Loyal, Ben Hope, Foinaven and Quinag and encloses some of the best mountain scenery in Scotland. There are beautiful glens and lochs like Loch Shin and this is also known as clan country with the history of the clans of the Mackays, Roses and Sutherlands. The scenery includes vast expanses of moorland as well as lochs and mountains. Rocks project through the earth and there is very little arable farming.  The east coast area is a maritime county with fishing villages such as Helmsdale and connections to the north sea oil industry through the Cromerty firth. There is a history of  emigration following the highland clearances and small museums in the villages and towns tell this tale. The Land End to John O Groats cycle route travels up through the East Highlands passing through Helmsdale and up to John O Groats. The John o’Groats Trail, a long distance footpath along the coast from Inverness to John O Groats is being developed. The Cape Wrath Trail goes through remote country and requires wild camping between hostels. These counties are  often driven through on the way to Orkney and and the hostels and bunkhouses who welcome single night stays provide a great value overnight stop.  Visit the North East Highlands to explore the mountains, wilderness and social history and have a friendly stay in hostels and bunkhouses.