Wye Valley Canoes

Style, as they say, is always in style!

Considering that the Independent Hostels Network gives you the opportunity to sleep in converted railway carriages, river boats and canal barges,I was worried that Wye Valley Canoes might be offering a very basic, probably cramped and potentially damp sleeping experience. Imagine my relief when I discovered that their converted Welsh Chapel Bunkhouse was almost the exact opposite! 

Check out the pictures on their website because my description just won’t do it justice. They describe their bunkhouse as, “a warm modern space”. Using ‘space’ the way that hip building and interiors TV shows do. And that is just the sort of vernacular that fits. With its oversized sofas, sharp lines, exposed iron work, simple yet striking colours and ultra modern details, this bunkhouse could easily fit on one of those aspirational programmes. Even the bunks are designed and built with a charming flair. But…wait for it…what’s that? A shiny, chrome coloured slide? Indoors? So adults and children alike can access the lower floors? Oooooh!

I haven’t even begun to talk about the activities available from the door. Obviously, we’re in the Wye Valley here, and you know already that the river is gorgeous and winds through a series of perfect little towns so hire a canoe or kayak and paddle on down. You also know that the walking up on the hills is stunning with views over England and Wales. But, here’s another cute surprise…they will also hire you a trendy Vespa Scooter to explore the lanes and byways. Style, as they say, is always in style!