Wilding the Senses

Family fun for Free at Bunkhouse at the Workhouse !

Our wonderful friends at Arts Connection have secured funding for a year long project to rejuvenate our Memorial Garden and turn it into a sensory space.  We start on Saturday 18th March at 10.30-1pm with a Story Remembering Story Telling session with local artist Helen East.

The garden already has a long history, not least the work that was done by volunteers to create the space as it is now, way back when the Trust first took ownership of the building. We want to remember …how we got to where we are now,  to help us imagine where we want to go from here.  So we’re inviting everyone to join us on the 18th March to share their memories and help us create our vision for the garden in the future.

It’s open to everyone, so people shouldn’t be worried if they haven’t got a history with the garden or the Workhouse, they can participate as well, but we hope people who have been there before will bring their stories along to share.

The sessions are free but please register with Arts Connection.

We’ll then be meeting every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month to create something wonderful together, starting with creating a medicinal herb garden with Natalie Morris on the 1st April.

Come join in, we’d love to see you there. Please share!