Wilderness wandering or valley meanderings?

Here at Carrshield nestled in the West Allen Valley within the North Pennines AONB at the south-western corner of Northumberland we have walks or runs ready for you to explore. Whether you fancy doing the long-distance Isaac’s Tea Trail or a gentler wander around a valley enjoying the sounds of the water babbling over the rocks, it is all ready and waiting for you to have your adventure

The North Pennines AONB advertises itself as being England’s last wilderness, when walking through the heather on the moors it can truly seem like that. With views across the north of England and southern Scotland accompanied by the sound of Curlew and Sky Lark, the walks, or runs if that is what you prefer, give you a feel of wide-open spaces with very few people. Alternatively, spend the day following a stream or river as it makes its way down towards the South Tyne River and the sea, with Dippers and Grey Wagtails bobbing along the rocks looking for their lunch.
Our walks can all be downloaded, free of charge, from outdoor activity apps such as the Ordnance Survey or Outdoor Active or printed from our website. They will take you along the paths, explaining what you will see as your journey unfolds. One or two of the routes are for the more intrepid explorers will go cross country where there are no public routes, just Open Access Land, unfortunately, due to the laws of the AONB dogs are not permitted on these particular routes.
At the end of the day relax by the fire pit barbecuing your meal with the river running by.

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