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Ilderton dod barns

If it is peace and tranquility you need, far away from people & traffic look no further than Ilderton Dod Barns.

Old stone stables and a cow byre have been lovingly converted into an 8 person luxury bunkhouse and a 2 person cottage. Hidden away down a private farm track 1.5 miles from the nearest road, the barns offer complete refuge from the worries and stresses of everyday life.

Spend a few days surrounded by big Northumberland skies and stunning views, with insects, birds and animals as you only neighbours.   Birdlife is everywhere on the 1800 acre farm. Watch quietly and you will see ground-nesting owls, curlews, lapwings and cuckoos to name but a few. The summer hay meadows are well-known for their insect life and a few years ago your hosts received an award for the wide variety of native bees.

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Ilderton Dod Barns

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