Watendlath Bothy

…The National Trust have landed another amazing location…

The best advertisement anyone can make for Watendlath Bothy is a map. Dig out your Ordnance Survey map (I think its OL5) or follow this link and you’ll see what I mean. Sat right on the edge of a tarn, Watendlath is a hamlet high up in the Lake District Mountains. Surrounded by peaks yet raised up away from the mass of crowds in honeypots like Ambleside, this could be the perfect base to explore the area.

The National Trust have landed another amazing location here and the interior is of a similarly high standard. Remember its a so-called ‘stone tent’ but with a well equipped kitchen, a woodburning stove for heat and wooden bunks (bring your own mattress and bedding), its not exactly bare essentials either. 

While you’ve got your map out, trace out some of the walks you’d like to do while you’re up here. Craggy outcrops, forests clinging to the valleys, tumbling streams, heather on the tops: If you’re like me you can extrapolate it all form the arcane symbols on the OS sheet. It makes me want to pack up and go right now!