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Pilgrims way Puttenham

There are few routes that manage to have as rich a history as the Pilgrims Way. Putternham Eco Camping Barn happens to be right in the middle of the route, with discounts for car-less travel there why not start your pilgrimage?

The Pilgrims way has been thought to have existed since 1800BC heading west towards Stonehenge. Surprisingly with more an emphasis on trade than spiritualism. However the years passed, empires came and went. A surge in popularity came with the murder of Thomas Beckett in 1170, as more people traveled to Canterbury to seek spiritual guidance. After a relative quiet period in the middle ages interest was renewed at the start of the 20th century. Julia Cartwright is credited as bringing many historic footpaths to the public’s attention including the Pilgrims Way. Finally with the dawn of modern motor vehicles the route has been slightly altered over the years. Much of it now consisting of the North Downs Way opened in 1978 by the archbishop of Canterbury. A well and truly worthwhile Pilgrimage with a fascinating history, and luckily Puttenham Eco Camping Barn is right on the trail. Even better there is a £3 discount for walkers, so why not make your Pilgrimage?

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