Visit the Purbeck Heaths of Studland and Godlingston.

At one time the heathlands of Dorset spread from the Avon Valley in the east, across Purbeck as far as Dorchester in the west.  Of this continuous block of 50,000 hectares of heathland, once only fragmented by the river valleys of the Piddle, Frome and Stour, only 15% remains and these are in small fragments.  Part of these remaining habitats, ideal for the heathland birds, invertebrates and reptiles is now preserved as the Purbeck Heaths. Book a stay at Swanage Auberge and read on to find out how to explore and enjoy the heathland.

Book a stay at Swanage Auberge and follow these tips to enjoy the heathland. Image by Mike Brown for Dorset AONB