Visit Hoy and learn the Norse tales of Wonder

rackwick hostel on hoy orkney

After just ten minutes on Hoy it becomes apparent how it made its way into Norse Mythology. The dramatic scenery all round serves as a powerful backdrop for an epic. The never-ending battle between Heðin and Högni…

Home to the highest sea cliffs in the UK Hoy is not to be missed. Essentially a large wildlife reserve, due to most of the island being owned by the RSPB. There’s a level of serenity that’s difficult to match anywhere else. This sharply contrasts with the islands place in Norse mythology, the scene of an unending battle between two fearsome warriors. Look out for reference to the Saga of Hild for more on this tale. Alternatively find the old man of Hoy for some incredible views, a perfect example of the beauty of Hoy. Rackwick hostel is the place to be for your Hoy adventure.

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