Travel back in time whilst exploring the wilderness of the North Pennines AONB

Stay in an Ancient Scheduled Monument as a base to then explore this beautiful remote area using the guided route that is Isaac’s Tea Trail Long-Distance Footpath.

Carrshield Camping Barn is a converted Mine Shop dating back to the mid 1800’s, at the time the largest in south Northumberland. Now converted into a Village Hall and Camping Barn this Ancient Scheduled Monument is a wonderful base from which you can venture forth into the valleys, fells and moors that make up this part of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Isaac’s Tea Trail is a 58km (36 miles) circular walk, or run for those with more energy, that takes you around the East and West Allen Valleys as well as along part of the South Tyne Valley. The route relates to the area where Isaac Holden an itinerant tea seller lived and worked, its website and booklet are full of historical and interesting facts. As you traverse the route you will pass old Bastle and Peel Houses, fortified farms that protected the owners and their stock from the Border Revievers. Even further back in time there is the earthworks and ramparts of a Roman Hill fort, with a café just below. Travel at the side of what is now the South Tynedale Railway, built to take the ore from the mines to the smelting works and factories of northern England. The last remaining working coal mine in the area is at the side of the route high up a small valley.
The population of the area a century ago was far greater than currently, this is evident in the number of derelict buildings that are all that remains to show for all the mining that took place in the quiet and secluded valleys. Amongst these ruins are also the remains of many Methodist Chapels, some are just ruins, others have been converted into barns or homes. There are locations along the route that are significant in the development of Methodism in this country with some locations that John Wesley preached in to open air to the miners and their families.
All of the above can be seen alongside the now beautiful remote landscape that has been reclaimed by nature and teems with wildlife once more.
The walk can be done in three or four stages that are detailed in the booklet and website dedicated to Isaac’s Tea Trail. These can be done as and how you have time, or energy. Some will choose to run the length as the Greener Miles Running Ultra Marathon in early August. Others may wish to take a more leisurely time by taking several days either consecutive or spread over a period of time.
Carrshield Camping Barn is within the route and gives great access to this long-distant path as well as having many of its own routes that can be walked or run to explore the last wilderness in England. Book direct through our website.

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