The King of England loves this place… so he painted it!

Located in the heart of the beautifully rural landscape of Cwm Berwyn in the Cambrian Mountains, Diffwys Outdoor Centre is the perfect stop off over the Easter break.

Diffwys Outdoor Centre is a recently renovated former Outdoor Pursuit Centre which welcomed thousands of local children during its decades of operation. Sitting in the beautiful Cwm Berwyn valley, the Outdoor Centre is a wonderful spot for adventurers looking to explore the local area.

HRH The Prince of Wales (now King of England) is said to be a keen admirer of Cwm Berwyn, so much so that he produced a beautiful watercolour landscape painting in 2007. The King said he loves the area because it is “wonderfully wild and empty; empty except for the hardy, dedicated sheep farmers and their families, whose lives are so inextricably entwined with the scudding, shadow-swept beauty of this ancient Cambrian landscape.”

Diffwys Outdoor Centre offers good availability over the Easter holidays and the month of May.

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Small white building of Diffwys Outdoor Centre nestling beneath the magnificent Cambrain Muontins will no other building in sight.

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