The Rock and Bowl Motel

Rock and Bowl Motel. Its a name to conjure with. What pictures does it conjure in your head? Because you’ll not have experienced a hostel like this before. It is crazy window into what modern urban hosteling is like in the heart of Bristol’s art and music scene.


The Hostel is right in the heart of Bristol, in a historic wedge-of-cheese shaped building. Arranged around a large central courtyard with walkways, staircases and balconies overlooking it, the hostel is on the upper floors and a bowling alley and club are down below. Yup, you read it correctly, a bowling alley and night club. But that’s not even the most striking aspect of the hostel. Local hero, the artist Banksy has clearly inspired a flurry of striking graffiti art throughout the building. Really. Its amazing. Check out the website for some examples.

As far as accommodation is concerned, they’ve got a range of room types from large dorms (including female-only rooms) to private rooms. A breakfast is included, as well as free WiFi and use of communal kitchen and lounge area. But you’ll want to head out and explore the city.Bristol is an amazing port city full of maritime history and with a thriving contemporary music and art scene. The Rock and Bowl Motel gives you just a taste.