The North Pennines AONB and UNESCO Geo Park are far more than just a wonderful wilderness to escape into.

The area’s natural beauty speaks for itself with wilderness-like moorland intersected by beautiful valleys, many of which are isolated and sparsely populated. Alongside this magnificent quiet landscape, there is much to be found that has contributed to the heritage of not only the area, but the country and further afield.

Artefacts have been found in the area surrounding the Allen Valleys that show Bronze Age people were living in the area and to some extent started the first farms and mines that would later come to dominate the economy of the county and surrounding area. Roman remains are only a short distance away at the world-famous Hadrian’s Wall and Housesteads as well as nearby Vindolanda. Even closer, there are the remains of a hill fort at Epiacum, in the neighbouring South Tyne River valley. Conveniently there is a farm shop and cafe close by as well.
From the 1700’s the area became an industrial hub with mining at the core of the activity, mainly for lead. The area is scattered with the remains of these old workings and buildings, some of the villages that housed 200-300 people now have just 3 habitable houses remaining, how times have changed. There are four mining museums in neighbouring villages where it is possible to get an appreciation of the conditions within the mine and the area during their heyday. Again, all the locations are served by local cafes, so a good walk from Carrshield and back with lunch and enlightenment.
More up-to-date is the Museum of Modern Sci-fi in nearby Allendale, where it is possible to see a number of exhibits from classic movies and series from the 1960’s onwards. Well worth a visit, there are also pubs and a cafe in the immediate area.
Our website has more details on the above and many more things to do in the area, so have a look and book your next adventure with us to escape to somewhere different.

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