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…excellent walking and birding country…

 The website for The Hoy Centre says, “The Hoy Outdoor Centre is a focal meeting point for the folk of Hoy. Based in the spectacular scenery of Hoy, the Centre is available to singles, families or for group use, either on a daily or residential basis.” This just the beginning of the story. 

The Island of Hoy, second largest of the Orkneys, takes its name from a Norse word meaning ‘high Island’. A well named spot. One of the most striking features of the island are the towering sea cliffs. Great red-brown walls stained green with vegetation and thick with birdlife. Luckily for those Norse, the northern coast is more accessible to boats as the moorland slopes gently down to the sea. The ‘highness’ continues inland as the mountains rise, often shrouded in cloud. This makes it excellent walking and birding country. So much to explore on foot and the most amazing and huge RSPB reserve. The island is an internationally significant bird site and the full range from hen harriers to puffins can be seen here as well as elusive Arctic Hares up in the mountains. 

Peeked you interest? The Hoy Centre is, of course, an ideal base for the island. Its right on the sea and backed by the magnificent high land behind. With up to 32 beds it can take large groups but families and individuals are also welcome. The underfloor heating across the lounge, dining room and kitchen mean its cosy and welcoming all year. 

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