The Glenorchy Centre is accessible!

The Glenorchy Centre has accessibility features. Such as a wide doorways, a wheelchair friendly lift and a bathroom with rails and a shower seat.

Entry to the communal rooms and kitchen

To access the communal rooms and kitchen there is a flat doorway that is wheelchair friendly.

Followed by a wheelchair friendly lift that takes you to the main communal room and kitchen.

The communal room is spacious with flat wooden floors and no steps.

The kitchen is not wheelchair accessible so a person using a wheelchair would need to be assisted in the kitchen.

Entry to the bedrooms and bathroom

The bedrooms and bathroom are located beneath the communal rooms. Internally, the only way to access the bedrooms and bathrooms is down 6 steps with a bannister. However, it is possible for a wheelchair user to leave the building and use the door located on the side of the building. It is important to note that this door is located on cobble stones on a slight downhill.

The door has a small step and a ramp is availabe to replace this if you let the centre know you require it in advance of your stay.

The bathroom is equipped with rails and a seat in the shower.

There is one bed that has space for a wheelchair down the side of it. The doorframe is also the right width to accommodate most standard wheelchairs.

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