The Farne Islands- One of Wooler Youth Hostel’s most popular guest destinations

Scattered a couple of miles off the Northumberland coast, this cluster of islands was declared by broadcaster Sir David Attenborough on Wild Isles BBC documentary as his favourite place in the UK to see nature at its best.

Keep your eyes peeled for a huge colony of Atlantic or Grey Seals, one of the largest groups in England, with around 1000 pups born each Autumn.

On one of the boat tours sailing from Seahouses you will be able to land on one of the islands ( Inner Farne, Staple Island, and Longstone). The birdlife is something to behold, with Arctic Terns swooping from above their nests to protect their young.

Throughout the year you will also see birds like razorbills, guillemots, eider ducks and colourful puffins.

The Farne Islands were also home to St Cuthbert (See also the National hiking trail named after him) who spent over 10 years living as a hermit on Inner Farne having moved to the island in 676 and died here in 687.

The Islands are owned and managed by the National Trust.

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