The Best Hostel for Wild Swimming

There are few more dramatic places for wild swimming than Derwentwater, and Derwentwater Independent Hostel stands on the lake shore, overlooking the shallow sheltered waters of Barrow Bay, which warm quickly in the spring and summer months. And we hope this image speaks for itself.

There can’t be a better place in the world to wild swim than in Derwentwater, and Barrow Bay at the bottom of the hostel drive provides a sheltered bay, with shallow water which warms quickly in the summer and you’ve got Ashness Jetty to jump in from, making it ideal for family swims.
Or for the more experienced swimmers get geared up with wetsuits and tow floats and head further out into the lake.
And for the ultimate challenge there’s the infamous Frog Graham Round.  The Lake District National Park have a really informative page on a range of activities in and on Derwentwater.  And our website has a great page on the best swimming spots locally.

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