Carrshield Camping Barn is surrounded by Roman history

Although there are no traces left today, undoubtedly the Romans visited the remote valleys of the North Pennines where Carrshield now exists. The area is dotted with sites and names that date back to that era. Approximately 30 minutes’ drive and you could be transformed back in time.

Wherever you turn in what was the far frontier of the great Roman Empire the remains can still be seen on the landscape and in some of the place names. Although, due to extensive mining and grazing in the West Allen Valley little remains approximately 15 minutes away is the hill fort of Epiacum, or Whitely Castle as it is marked on many a map. With a convenient car park and café what better way to spend the day than imagining what the area was like 900 year ago.
A little further afield is the world famous Hadrian’s Wall with the major excavations of Housesteads and Vindolanda close by. Again a wonderful place to explore and take yourself back in time as you wander along the wall and imagine what it would have been like in its heyday.
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