Supporting Climate Emergency actions at Hunstanton Backpackers

Todays students and youth are the ones who can lead the way to change the way the world produces and deals with waste and harmful products. Plastics and dumping a massive issue, wasted energy common

Local action in Kings Lynn today has my support, sure the students should be in college but who else is going to bring the world attention to such a major issue. Why am I writing this, well because too often we see the direct impact and the careless nature of other genertations. We run a school residential and holiday business near the sea. Every time we walk along the beach we find discarded rubbish, often plastic, left just because visitors are too lazy to put in the bins a minutes walk away. plastic nets, nappies, broken buckets and much more. We often clear it up but do the local council?
Back at the business we actively encourage recycling of all types we can, paying for the council emptied recycling bins & free food waste. Too often our guests throw their recycling rubbish in the general waste not the recycling bin opposite them. Why? We have fitted solar panels and the majority of our laundry is washed and dried courtesy of the sunshine, every little helps. We stopped giving plastic water bottles 4 years ago to our school groups as they were filling a green waste bin every week. Refill is now the norm.
So hopefully today the students action will make other generations start to think a little more about their actions and the impact on the planet. We will continue to do what we can!