Stay at “one of the world’s top twelve most beautiful coastlines”.

The Sail Loft Across The Shore. Credit - Allan Sutherland

Moray Firth Coast was rated as one of the world’s top twelve most beautiful coastlines by National Geographic… Enjoy the “outstanding cliff scenery” and “strong community feeling” as you relax in the “relative harmony” of this “pretty coastal village”… lit up by the eerily fascinating glow of the Northern Lights.

The Moray Firth Coast is described as “A popular vacation spot for more than a century, this coast offers outstanding cliff scenery and maintains a strong community feeling. Seasonal and year-round residents appear to live in relative harmony. Tourism keeps pretty coastal villages economically afloat as Scotland’s fishing industry declines.”

However, the aspect that fascinates me most of all, in this charmingly beautiful corner of the country, is the Northern Lights- often seen around the Moray Firth Coast, including in Portsoy.

The Sail Loft is the perfect base to bask in the mystical charm of Portsoy, as based right on the shore, there is a front seat view of the tranquil scenery and Northern Lights! Furthermore, you can relax in luxury in our delightful outdoor hot tub and tended wild garden space, and our BBQ facilities means you can really enjoy the show.

The Sail Loft Bunkhouse is more than just a place to stay – come and learn traditional skills including boat building, rope/sail making, music, song and dance!

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The Sail Loft Bunkhouse in Portsoy on the Moray Firth Coast

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