Stableside Hostel, York

… this hostel’s day job is as racecourse accommodation…

Stableside hostel just outside York glows with pride as it quotes the ‘4 star hostel’ badge. And rightly so. The facilities are modern, spacious, clean and professional. In many ways, a world away from your idea of a traditional open-fire-and-bunk-bed hostel. It can accommodate over 130 people, with full catering. It has space to park coaches. Wow!  

There are clues on their website.

Clue 1: Their directions ask you to head away from the main Racecourse entrance and towards the Stables area.  

Clue 2: They aren’t available for bookings on a race day.

That’ll be because this hostel’s day job is as racecourse accommodation for jockeys and staff. On the off days, the hostel serves as accomadation for the likes of you and I, though. The Hostel has, as you’d expect, excellent transport links for car, bus and train, and its right on route 66 cycleway and only 24 furlongs (3 miles) into York itself. Take your bike and cycle into the city for an explore – you don’t need me to tell you all the attractions York has to offer!

So if you fancy a room and meals suitable for Frankie Detorri or A. P. McCoy while you explore York, consider Stableside. Don’t worry, the beds are full size! 

Photo Credit: VisitBritain.