St Michael’s Environmental Education Centre

You really couldn’t ask for a better spot for it.

St Michael’s Environmental Education Centre in Hathersage, Derbyshire is in an enviable position. 

If you approach by railway using the Hope Valley line, you’ll leave either Manchester or Sheffield (depending on your direction) and soon hit the countryside. You’d be rattling along one of Britain’s most scenic stretches, with wild gritstone moors, reservoirs and homely dales flying past your window. Pretty soon you’ll be in the village of Hathersage, which has reason to claim to be England’s capital of the outdoors. With a handful of excellent camping/walking/climbing shops catering to those hardy and adventurous ones who want to explore on foot or on pedal the crags and moors, it attracts a rugged class of visitor. Hathersage also lays claim to the birthplace and grave of Robin Hood’s merry henchman Little John – you might choose to visit his grave in the churchyard. Its only a small step from there to what I reckon to be Hathersage’s best feature: the immaculate and picturesque open air Lido. They occasionally open for a night-time starlit swim!

Just on the edge of the town centre is St Michael’s Environmental Education Centre. From the outside it might be a dour Victorian school building, but inside it is a bright and airy residential centre for groups. They offer accommodation only or you could choose to access their adventurous activities for children or adults. You really couldn’t ask for a better spot for it.

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