St. Cuthbert’s Way offers 62.5 miles (100km) of fantastic, varied walking suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Wooler Youth Hostel and Shepherds’ Huts are perfectly placed to provide overnight rest and refueling after a day en-route to Lindisfarne (Or Melrose If you are heading west)

There are many superb places that we would recommend to visit during your adventure in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. Working East to West, St Cuthbert’s Cave is really a must, situated only a few miles from the coast.

Yetholm has the Border Hotel, which serves great bar meals and has some fine beers! You will also be able to learn from photographs on the wall about the King’s and Queen’s of the Yetholm Gypsies as their palace is situated just along the road.
Heading a few miles further west along the route, it’s worth stopping for a coffee and cake at the Community owned coffee stop at the former church of St Aidens , and stock up on some supplies at the local community owned village store.
For all of you who like a castle, Cessford Castle is a red ruin in the Scottish Borders. It was once considered one of the mightiest castles in the southeast of Scotland. You had to be tough in the Borders – constant reiving made this one of the most militarised parts of the country, with many accounts of even priests carrying swords. Good thing Cessford’s walls are more than 13ft thick! The castle was mostly built by the Kerr family, and was besieged many times in its tumultuous history.
After crossing the Monteviot Suspension bridge spanning the River Teviot, there is a lovely cafe and visitor centre at Harestanes Countryside Visitor Centre.
Anyway these are just a few places we would recommend you stop and take a well deserved rest whilst you are the trail.
Ohh we didn’t mention the Roman road and camp…. Oh well , best take a look yourselves.
And don’t forget, to call in to the Hostel and say HI.

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