Spring is in the air and the wildlife is returning ready for the Easter holidays.

After the wintery months of cold, snow, rain and wind the warmer climes of Spring are now on their way. The wild birds are already returning to seek out their nesting places in which to raise this year’s young. The voles, field mice and even frogs are awaking and returning to the moorland and waterways. The sound of Curlew and Golden Plover mixed with Lapwing and Sky Lark fills the sky above the moors. The valleys with their babbling becks now carry the sound of Wagtails, Dippers and Oyster Catchers.

Time to dust the outdoor clothing off, prepare the walking boots and head to the North Pennines NL where adventure awaits around every corner. It may well be the last wilderness in England, but it teems with wildlife and there are plenty of museums, old railways, craft shops and cafes to explore in the many dales that make up the area.
We have a series of walks that go from the door and lead you around the area, our friends at The Hemmel in nearby Allenheads have similar walks that explore the head of the East Allen Valley. For the more intrepid there is always the long-distant Isaac’s Tea Trail that circles the area.
Visit our website to explore the many activities available in the area then book a break directly within us, we still have vacancies over the Easter holidays.

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