Sounds terrifying, actually lovely.

Prime cave country

Cerberus Spelaeological Society’s headquarters is a bunkhouse in the Mendip Hills.

Cerberus is the mythical three-headed dog guarding the entrance to the underoworld. Not to stop anyone getting in, but to stop the dead from coming out!

A terrifying name to adopt for a caving society especially one who go out of their way to encourage people to experience the adventure and wonder of caving.  The Mendips, like Derbyshire’s White Peak and The Yorkshire Dales, is limestone. Prime cave country. It houses one of the largest networks of caves in Britain with intriguing names like Fairy Cave, Shatter Cave,  Goatchurch Cave or Rhino Rift. The good folk of Cerberus Speleological can provide advice, guidance and leaders to explore it if needed. 

Their modern and comfortable accommodation offers everything you’d expect from a bunkhouse and also a long corridor with an indoor traverse along its whole length!

Close by and above ground are the famous and beautiful attractions of Cheddar Gorge, Wookey Hole and the scenery of The Mendips as well as the historic cities of Bath and Wells.



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