Snowdonia on our doorstep

Walkers in Snowdonia

It’s still uncertain if and when we can open our group accommodation but until then, we keep exploring the local area.

Like many hostels at the moment, we are eagerly waiting for the green light that will allow us open again. 2020 has been tough, no question! But we have found a small and thin silver lining in all this. And that is having the time to explore the local area from our door step. During normal times we often plan long hikes which start with a drive. Being “forced” to start our adventures from home “forced” us to see what is right here under our nose! You don’t always need to drive an hour to get fantastic views and a sense of freedom. It’s right here!
So while we keep our fingers crossed that we can open our doors again soon, we keep the looking for paths we haven’t walked yet and for trails that go to a new unknown. This might be just across a cows field, down to the sheep dip or to the top of that little hill you keep seeing but are not sure how to get up, but either way we got some fresh air, stretched our legs and have a little story to tell you when you finally can come and visit.
We can’t wait to tell you all about it when you finally come.

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