“Sleep uncomfortably close to the monster”

The Lochside Hostel

“Sleep uncomfortably close to the monster!” The website of Lochside Hostel intriguingly announces. 

Unless you’ve got a particularly snore-y partner, you’ll no doubt be thinking of The Loch Ness Monster, and you’d be right! Among the many wonderful features of The Lochside Hostel is that it is, as the name suggests, on the side of the loch. The hostel owners are playful with the marketing the monster, as you can tell. The playfulness extends, too, to tartan. There’s plenty of it. A tartan pool table, a tartan balcony overlooking the loch. 

The hostel owner’s personal touch is commented on and valued by visitors:

“Yes great hostel. Staff very helpful and pleasant. Very well priced and the breakfast also excellent value at £1.50.Highly recommended”

“We’ve spent three nights in the hostel, and it is safe to say, that this was the highlight of our already amazing Highland trip! The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, the whole hostel is super clean. We are definitely going back.” quotedINternational visitors

“Bruce and Stephen are the bomb-diggity! Best views in town.” As they also gave a 5 star report, I can only assume this is a positive review.


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