Signs of Life 2021…

One year today since we planted trees at Kirk Yetholm for the 125th Anniversary of Friends of Nature. Both seem to have rooted, the Mountain Ash growing by circa 15cm and the Bird Cherry by 40 cm.

Great to see the snowdrops beginning to emerge, nature is waiting patiently to bring us new growth.

Last year was not totally without hope. We manage to get our 125 trees funded in the Highlands (well actually the total stands at 138 at time of writing) and a further 125 more locally in the Scottish Borders via Borders Forest Trust at Gameshope (near Selkirk).

Our ‘Trees for Life’ grove is ongoing and always available for trees to be added – a great place to dedicate a tree for a birthday, celebration or just a special day… you can write as much as you want on the Tree for Life web page which is a lasting reminder – it is fascinating reading thoughts from all parts of UK/Europe:

As Spring is on the horizon… we hope Covid-19 vaccines will roll-out TO ALL across the globe with an end to physical distancing and once again be able to see smiles instead of face coverings. Hang in there everyone!! 🙂

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