School Holiday Escape

Something with appeal to the whole family. Easy to follow walks, with history and nature along the route. Teach the children the art of fire-making and cooking outdoors. Dry shelter from the weather.

Are you looking for something that could appeal to the whole family? Well, we could be just the place you are looking for, and we are dog friendly.
We have a series of walks that take you from the door over moors and along valleys filled with history; it would be easy to turn these walks into nature trails. The moors teem with wildlife, from mice and voles living in their tiny holes and tunnels in the grasses. The Plovers and Curlews visit the moors each Spring and Summer to breed. Valleys around the area have Black Grouse and Dippers looking for their food in the babbling streams. Overflying all of these could be Red Kites, Hen Harriers, Short-eared Owls, and Kestrels, with Peewits giving impressive aerobatic displays.
Because the area does not have the high volume of traffic that other holiday destinations attract, the roads are relatively safe to explore by bicycle. Or if feeling more adventurous, why not cycle across the moors using the Bridlepaths in the area
On-site, a fire pit can be safely used to teach the family how to create an open fire and then the pleasures of cooking on it. Alternatively, to relax at the side of after an enjoyable day exploring the area.
All of the above and the safety and security of having your own rooms without having to worry about tents and the weather.

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