School Adventures at Shining Cliff…

Shining Cliff hostel provides a magical setting for your school residential…a place where you can explore and learn together in a stunning off-road woodland hostel.

Shining Cliff hostel is a fully equipped, self catering hostel in the heart of Shining Cliff Woods, near Ambergate in Derbyshire. The adventure starts when the children have to help to load up the wheelbarrows and carry their bags along the half mile woodland footpath to the hostel. You can lead your own sessions or enquire about bespoke woodland sessions run by the hostel. The woodland covers about 600 acres, and has a huge range of places to explore and learn – go and look for the Mud monster near the lake, or look for signs of the Shining Cliff dragon….let your imagination take over!

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shining cliff youth hostel in the woods

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