Royal Oak Bunkbarn

royal oak bunkhouses


The Royal Oak Bunkbarn near Hurdlow, Buxton is high up on the moors of the Peak District, it is part of the complex of buildings around the Royal Oak pub and sits handily next to the Tissington Trail bridleway and footpath.

It was a windy day when we set off on bicycles from the old station at Hartington, following the trail heading to Hurdlow. The old station buildings at Hartington house a cafe and information centre. These buildings are a dead giveaway that the trail follows the line of an old railway which once linked upland Buxton with the more sheltered Ashbourne. The wind was against us on the way up as we barged the air aside through cuttings and exposed moors but the views never let us down, with clear vistas over the high plateau of Derbyshire. It was with great relief that we chained up our bikes and piled into the Royal Oak for a hearty and, crucially, warm meal. The converted stone Barn bunkhouse sits next to a traditionally hospitable pub with a big reputation for good food.

The Bunkhouse is thoroughly modernised and comfortable with linen and towels provided. There is a communal kitchen and separate showers and toilets. We sat outside in the shelter of the barn wall and basked in the glory of the Peak District Views.