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Astor York

York is best known for being a historic city with a rich past. But in more recent years there has been a rapidly growing alternative scene. Astor York is a perfect example this trend, while still keeping close to the historic roots of York.

A listed building, York Astor at first glance appears somewhat unassuming. However just beyond the front door there’s a different story being told, a lively hostel awash with colour and life. Stylish, chic and dripping with a quirky charm. Clearly meant for the independent traveler. Art lines the walls, Frida Kalo in a daft punk shirt certainly fits the vibe Astor gives off. The facilities provided are also top notch, keycard entry system means no praying there’s someone still on reception late at night. What with all the fun to be had in York staying out a bit later than intended might be a given. Arts, food and music York has it all. The Basement offers a truly underground experience with everything from music to comedy. Skosh serves delicious food with a wide range of culinary influences from Asia to India. Whereas Source caters to both vegan and omnivorous diners. There’s a whole city just waiting to be explored and Astor York is the place to stay while doing it.

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