Pitlochry Backpacker’s Hotel

…A gem of a place…

Calling themselves a ‘Backpacker’s Hotel’ rather than hostel, Pitlochry Backpacker’s put their finger on one of their key charms. 

In a great old Victorian hotel, with steep pitched roofs and an ironwork cloister over the street, the outside of the building is full of character. It fits right in with the lovely architecture and character of this Perthshire town. Nestled  next to the River Tummel and surrounded by gentle hills, the town might charm you into a longer stay than you thought. Their website even says, “you might think you’re only staying one night, you’ll end up staying three or four – it’s that kind of place!”

Inside, the hotel has a range of private en-suite rooms and some shared dorms so you can choose, depending on your tastes or budget whether to be more or less hotel-y. There’s a self-catering kitchen and drying room as well as laundry service and fully made beds – so the mix of hostel and hotel features continues. Their website again boasts “Comfy beds come with fitted sheets, duvets and 2 fluffy pillows and private rooms have fresh towels included.” More luxurious than your average bunkhouse then!

Visitor reviews online suggest that their guests have succumbed to its charms:

“A gem of a place in Pitlochry”

” It feels like a good hostel should: warm, friendly, clean and welcoming. Go there and enjoy!”

“It was brilliant! Great staff really affordable in a lovely area”

I wonder how many of them came for one night and then extended their stay?


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