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Outdoor Alternative Eco Accommodation

What a location!

Outdoor Alternative is a purpose built hostel on the end of Holy Island, Anglesey. 

If I were to travel west from my home in Derbyshire, through North Wales; and carry on west across the Menai Strait to Anglesey; further west to Holy Island and on towards the sea, I might arrive at Outdoor Alternative. Purpose built with sustainability in the forefront of their minds.

I’d also be following the colonial push of the Roman Empire, who drove the druids back and further back to their last redoubt on Anglesey – those druids too, knew a thing or too about respecting nature. (Brace yourself for a laboured joke) I’m not saying you’d have to make many sacrifices to stay here though, as ‘All mod-cons’ and ‘Eco’ live comfortably side by side here.  Fully heated, with constant hot water, hot meals and cosy beds, spotless and airy – the centre is exactly what you’d expect from a modern, well equipped hostel. They are rightly proud of their tally of green tourism awards.

But what a location! Right on the coast, with all that implies. Its only a short wander to the beach and the cliffs and the walks along them. The sea here is a kayaker’s dream. There’s also climbing, diving, the list goes on.

If you’ve been charmed by the TV antics of puffins and all the other Green Planet creatures you’ll want to keep your eyes open. You’re in an AONB brimming with a whole range of habitats. Perfect territory for the wildlife lover. 


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