Otter Bunkhouse

Bucket list stuff

Go and search a mapping app for Otter bunkhouse on the Isle of Lewis. Found it? You can see that its tucked away right on the shore of a sea loch. Complicated fractal coastline surrounds it, folded over and fractured containing a sheltered sea loch. Switch to a satellite or landscape view if you can and you’ll spot straight away the rugged rocks on the hills around and down on the beach. A little way north, though your eye is drawn to the highlighter-pen strokes of yellow marking the broad beautiful beaches of the northern coast. Next, you  should scroll back. Pull out to see a broader view. Its then that you see the north/south creases, striations, gouges in the landscape, each holding a dark tarn. If you’re anything like me, and enjoy poring over maps and planning outdoor adventures, this landscape will be like catnip to your explorer’s nose. 

The Otter bunkhouse couldn’t be a more lovely base to explore it. Nordic in its airy, well planned stylishness, it has all the modern features you’d expect. It sleeps 8 in a bunkroom and has an open plan dining kitchen. But look! It is right on the loch. Sit out on the decking and catch sight of the resident otters, storms rolling by or maybe the northern lights! Bucket list stuff indeed.