Music at Jessie Mac’s

The Niel Gow festival is not far off!

I have written elsewhere about how I think Jessie Mac’s near Dunkeld is the most charming and friendly hostel. I also mentioned that the gallery on their website showed a fair bit of ‘fiddling about’ going on! 

This might have something to do with the  Niel Gow Music Festival on the weekend of March 17th – 18th. Named for the 18th century fiddle prodigy, the festival brings together violinists of all ages and from a range of backgrounds and styles. Check out the website and you’ll see lots of further information, but you can expect concerts, tuition, workshops and loads of enthusiasts.

If you visit Jessie Mac’s Hostel in Birnam, near Dunkeld at other times you can still enjoy local traditional music. There is a live local music every Thursday night at the Taybank Inn in Dunkeld, less then 5 minutes walk from the hostel .