Mount Cook, BAPA accredited School Accommodation in the Peak District with CLOtC Quality Badge.

mount cook for school groups

Mount Cook knows that learning beyond the classroom walls and into the great outdoors transfers into a wealth of life skills, and changes in attitudes and behaviors.

Primary Schools.  Mount Cook  provides a safe, friendly environment where children have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, try out new activities, and develop their self confidence away from home. Tailor made class activity day or residential specifically to your learning objectives and aims.

Secondary Schools.  Mount Cook are dedicated to providing unique and challenging experiences which will broaden the horizons of your pupils.  Activities help young people to discover new opportunities, expand their appetite for learning, develop key skills and increase attainment.

Outdoor Learning CPD for Teachers! Mount Cook supports school staff in overcoming the barriers to teaching and learning in natural environments. Its Outdoor Learning CPD programmes are designed to develop teachers’ confidence, competence and self-efficacy for delivery high quality lessons in the outdoors.

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