More routes for exploring the North Pennines AONB now available

We are pleased to have published another series of routes for you to enjoy, whether walking, running or cycling. They are in conjunction with our friends at The Hemmel Cafe in Allenheads. Your adventure could start with coffee and cake and finish with afternoon tea.

The North Pennines AONB is a great place to explore with hidden valleys and vast open moorland, full of wildlife and views across large parts of northern England. Each valley and village has its own character and interesting points. Both Carrshield and Allenheads were once centres of lead mining, but these have long gone, and Mother Nature has reclaimed much of the land but leaving a lot to explore.
Our new exploration routes will take you from the Heritage Centre of Allenheads where refreshments can be taken both before and after your adventure in The Hemmel Cafe, or Allenheads Inn, depending on the time. The routes will take you onto the moorland and along rivers to give you a taste of the varied nature of this beautiful area.
The routes are all available on our website and are soon to be published on The Hemmel Cafe website, as well as on the Ordnance Survey and Outdoor Active apps where they are free to download and follow.
If you wish to do something a little longer then the long-distance footpath Isaac’s Tea Trail goes passed Carrshield, so a perfect place to use as a stopover.
We still have vacancies over the summer so come and visit us and enjoy the adventure.

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