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Millhouse Hostel

Change your pace, visit Tiree. 

Check out the sky in the image of Millhouse Hostel on the Isle of Tiree. Blue, clear, wispy clouds. Let me tell you, the beaches are white, empty and lead down to crystal clear water.  That might sound a mite chilly on the winters day I write from, but fast forward 6 months or so to the height of summer.

Tiree is an idyllic Hebridean Island, blessed with some of the longest sunshine hours in teh British Isles. That’ll be because it is pretty flat, rising only a few meters in rocky outcrops over its fertile fields. It is only 12 miles by 3, so you can walk or cycle everywhere. 

You’d expect to find wildlife aplenty, ancient stones and early churches, because that’s the character of the Scottish Isles. You won’t be disappointed.

The Hostel is a gem as well. It has twin rooms, family rooms and dorm rooms and a bright, clean airy feel throughout. Just like the island.

Change your pace, visit Tiree.