Mental Health Awareness Week 10 -16 May 2021

Is the pace of life too fast and you need to recharge yourself, then we could possibly be the place where you could do just that?

Mental Health affects many of us in one form or another during our lifetime. Whilst Carrshield Camping Barn cannot offer advice or specialist help, we genuinely believe that our location could help sufferers.
The speed of today’s modern world leads to stress and anxiety in many people. We need to have an escape, to step off the treadmill and give ourselves time.
Our location and facilities, or lack of them, allow you that escape there is no internet, mobile phone signal is not brilliant either. These factors mean that you are effectively cutting yourself off from the modern world.
The surrounding area is steeped in industrial history and abounds in wildlife, magnificent scenery and mile after mile of uninhabited moorlands to wander around.
You could go for a long walk across moors and see the Curlews, Golden Plover, Snipe, Red Kite, Hen Harriers and Sparrowhawks flying around. Alternatively, take a more leisurely wander along the streams and rivers of the area to see Pied and Grey Wagtails, Dippers, Oystercatchers, Black Grouse and Kestrels. Whichever you choose, there will be Field Mice, Voles, Stoat and Weasel nearby as well.
Although an initial glance, the moors appear to be vast tracks to heather and grass, many other plants are living there. Look for Wild or Mountain Pansy, Scurvy Grass, Heath Bedstraw, Tufted Bulrush, and the vivid yellow of Tormentil. Many of these were, and some still are, used as herbal remedies.
There are walks available on our website to assist you in exploring and free to download on the outdoor activity app ViewRanger.
At the end of your day exploring the area, there is a fire pit available, where you could do some backwoods cooking or relax beside the flames and watch the stars gradually emerge above you.
Whether you can take the opportunity to book a break with us during Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 or come at some other time, all this tremendous natural environment is there for you to enjoy and recharge yourself. If you have concerns regarding the potential of contracting Covid-19 during your break with us, please be reassured that we have a cleaning regime and other plans in place that are recognised nationally and internationally.
Start to plan your escape by looking at our website for further details.

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