Meet the legendary faeries of The Isle of Skye.

Skye Backpackers - Isle of Skye

Wander into the pages of a fantasy fairy tale when you take your first step onto the mystical shores of The Isle of Skye.

Let your imagination run wild in the scenic hillsides, rock formations, grassy knolls, and castles, that look as if traced from the pages of an ancient fairy tale. Upon taking your first step onto the mystical shores of Skye, you’ll understand why so many of the Island’s briges, glens and knolls were named after fantastical creatures, such as the flowing turquoise waters of the Fairy Pools.

The airs of The Isle of Skye are filled with magic from the breaths of fairies, and the location where they roam is depicted in William Allingham’s “The Fairies”:

“They live on crispy pancakes
Of yellow tide-foam;
Some in the reeds
Of the black mountain-lake,
With frogs for their watchdogs,
All night awake”

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