Malvern Hills National Landscape

children running along the Malvern hills national landscape

The Malvern Hills National Landscape is a spine of high hills that run north to south on the west of England. Surrounded by rolling hills and fields to the west and the flat Severn Valley to the east, it offers magnificent, panoramic views for very little effort. Wildflower meadows, orchards, parklands and ancient woodlands are all to be found here. Hill forts, boundary ditches and tumuli are shown on the landscape and there are country house estates, monasteries and castles to explore. Boundless Events Malvern Centre nestles in this landscape. With catered accommodation and a self-catering chalet, it offers great value for accommodation for groups of 10 to 114 people.

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Exterior of low black and white buildings of the Malvern Centre with large trree in the foreground with autmn leaves and the Malvern Hills in the background

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