Awesome, unpolluted skies and beaches at The Isle of Coll.

Dark Sky Community. Isle of Coll Bunkhouse

Visit in Winter for guaranteed Dark Skies and visit in Summer for extraordinary beaches.

The island of Coll has been designated a Dark Sky Community by the International Dark-sky Association (IDA).  The best time of year  to see the beauty of the islands night skies is in the Winter months. With the increased frequency of electrical storms in recent years,  many have seen the Northern Lights in the skies above Coll.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches on the Isle of Coll. There are around twenty larger beaches and dozens of smaller beaches so take your pick. The joy of The Isle of Coll is because its an island, you will always be able to find a beach that is sheltered from the wind!

No matter what season you come, Coll Bunkhouse provides great value, modern, comfortable and accessible accommodation all year around. Coll Bunkhouse is in the heart of the village so very close to all local amenities.


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