Maggs Howe Camping Barn

…far from the crowds and the noise of modernity…

Maggs Howe Camping Barn is in the quiet valley of Kentmere in The Lake District. You might arrive by the mountain bike or horse back on the Coast to Coast route, or perhaps on foot following the Lakeland to Lindisfarne long distance path.

If you are on the latter, or the Roman High Street coming over the ridge of the eponymous mountain then maybe history is on your mind. It is easy to imagine, across these quiet and unspoilt miles that you’re far back in time. In Kentmere itself, a small ephemeral lake which feeds the river which gives Kendal its name, archeaologists discovered a medieval boat. Over there is Kentmere Hall with its tower house, built as a safe redoubt in the face of attack – a reminder that this peaceful haven was once anything but. Nearby is St. Cuthbert’s church – a name that again takes us back to the earliest British kingdoms. The churchyard yew tree has stood and seen every monarch of Britain from WIlliam I onwards.

It seems that all throughout Kentmere we can dream a historical reverie and enjoy far from the crowds and the noise of modernity.

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