Laxdale, near Stornoway

…an ‘unreal landscape’…

Laxdale Bunkhouse is part of Laxdale Holiday Parkin peaceful tree-lined surroundings. Its is a purpose built bunkhouse, for backpackers and families – but especially having wheelchair accessible facilites. Some rather cool glamping ‘Wigwams’ were added in 2014, the same year that Lewis and Harris were named as the best island destination in the world by trip adviser. At the time of going to press, we cannot confirm that these facts are linked. A mile and a half from Stornoway, and even less to the sea, its a great place to explore the islands from.

Any picture, map or photograph of these islands pulls at me and urges me to visit. If you glance at a map of the area, you’ll see its a patchwork of about a million small lochs, pale sanded beaches and rugged hills. It has been described as an ‘unreal landscape’. It is certainly the stuff of legends and wonder. A visitor from mainland Britain feels the unfamiliarity of the islands as a magical strangeness.  

I might book myself a room right now. 


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