Laxdale Bunkhouse

… all kinds of enchanting corners…

The modern and attractive bunkhouses on Laxdale Holiday Park, Stornoway, are wonderfully self-contained and ideal for families. Coloured brick-red and with a veranda overhanging, they might be mistaken for a classic American mid-western barn. They’re split into 4 bedrooms of four bunks; shared toilets and showers; and a communal dining kitchen. So you’ve got all the charm of camp site, with the conveniences of self-catering and the communality of a bunkhouse. 

Stornoway is the Lewis and Harris’s main town, but its still not a heaving metropolis. You’ll find all the facilities you need here as well as serving as a launch pad for exploring the amazing island.


Lewis has always had a distinctive personality and a history to match. As you explore the island you’ll find its blackhouses – robust low slung crofts; standing stones; Iron age buildings; Viking chessmen; will let you dream a landscape of tough challenges and tough people. It is a landscape worth enjoying in its own right too. From perfect sandy beaches to the peat bogs of the centre and the dramatic rocky coastline, there are all kinds of enchanting corners to discover. 

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