Kyle Blue

…one of the most individual hostels…

I am really pleased to be writing about Kyle Blue in Bristol. 

Why? Despite sounding like a member of a boy band, Kyle Blue is actually one of the most individual hostels in the Independent Hostels network. It is a city hostel, and yes, it shares the funky modern decor of those other city hostels yet it differs from the black-and-chrome-free-wifi-vibrant-bar-scene city hostels. In fact it might be about as peaceful as you can get in a city centre location. You see Kyle Blue is a converted boat, a Dutch Barge. It is moored on museum street by Wapping Wharf, surrounded by evidence of Bristol’s maritime heritage: cargo cranes, disused goods railway lines, and overlooked by the distinctive pastel painted houses of the harbour area.

The upper floors are a spacious and modern lounge with lovely views over the water and a well equipped kitchen. Below decks there are sleeping cabins with rooms for between 1 and 7 – sleeping up to 30 in total and shower and WC rooms. 

But why am I pleased to be writing about it? Because I have a big soft spot for Bristol harbour. In a previous life I had to travel for work, which often brought me to Bristol. I always engineered it so that I was staying close to the waterfront. After a tough day, it was relaxing, refreshing and recuperating to stroll the waterfront; listen to the gentle creak of the boats tied up; gaze at the picturesque Tobermory-style painted houses; idly choose from the tempting restaurants in the converted boathouses and wharfs where I could sit and watch the evening slowly fade and the golden lights of the watercraft and harbour buildings transform the view. I am right now imagining a stay on the Kyle Blue and recreating that reverie again. 



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