Knockaloe Beg

A great place to explore the Isle of Man.

Knockaloe Beg Farm Bunkhouse, basks in what is surely one of the best names ever given to a bunkhouse! And, nestled on the Isle of Man coast, it can argue for one of the best views too.

The bunkhouse is on a working farm which offers a full range of other accommodation: glamping, a bothy, a cottage. The bunkhouse, though, is in a converted farm building with all the beds at one end and the living are at the other. A wood burning stove sits in the middle and warms the whole room. You’ll stay in the heart of the farm and the reviews tell us that children are encouraged to help out with the animals. Check out the social media feed  and you find it is replete with pictures of cute young farm animals being beamed at by little kids. 

I’m pretty sure that there is only one other hostel or bunkhouse on the isle. If you’ve not visited, it is a lovely place for a holiday. Mostly rural, with a handful of picturesque towns and a scenic coastline, it has some charming retro-features – like the famous Laxey Wheel waterwheel or the island’s tram system.

I recently looked across the Irish Sea from Cumbria at the Isle of Man and had a momentary reverie about sailing over and exploring all its corners. If you, unlike me, actually follow up on the urge, then Knockaloe Beg would be a great place to start.


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