Kinlochewe Bunkhouse

…a distinctive and memorable landscape…

I can’t help thinking that Kinlochewe Bunkhouse might be for the rugged and the intrepid. 

On On the edge of ‘The most beautiful Loch in Scotland’, Loch Maree and surrounded by the imposing Torridon Maountains, Kinlochewe Bunkhouse boasts an impressive location. Rich in fish, and swum by otters and overflown by golden eagles, the loch is rightly prized for its wildlife. Its peace and tranquillity are contrasted by the mighty martial turrets and bastions of the Torridon Mountains. There are 20 Munros within striking distance of the Bunkhouse. With their steep sides, terraced slopes and craggy castle-like summits, theses mountains make a distinctive and memorable landscape. 

Afterwards, glowing with achievement and happy fatigue you retreat to the bunkhouse. There is a fully-equipped kitchen, but you might prefer a homecooked meal from the adjoining hotel. Yes indeed! Tumble into the orange fire glow of the bar, linger over the wide choice of real ales and malt whiskies and stretch out your legs in anticipation of the arrival of a hot home-cooked meal. 

Who’s rugged and intrepid now, eh?